Ngong Forest – a beautiful nature trail!

But nobody knows it!

It was only by chance that we came across it, because we just wanted to take a nice hour’s walk through nature not far from the Hotel Rudi in Karen.

One hour has become two with the children.
But it can be shorter.

A ‘gem’ between Karen and the bypass towards Mombasa Road/Nairobi.
A piece of nature on the outskirts.

It felt good – everyone had a lot of fun!

Have a nice Sunday everyone…

Yours Heike / Mama Sofia
P.S.: After jogging uphill/downhill for 1.5 hours this morning (got lost😂!), my legs are ready for the sofa after the walk today!

Nairobi is good!

By discovering nature, you discover yourself! – Maxime Lagacé

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