Kenya closes 5 counties!

Kenya closes 5 counties!

An incisive step… now we are back to homeschooling and our guest houses are only allowed to offer takeaway and serve house guests.

We had done three steps towards little success, now again a turnabout.
Send some employees home, team downsize.
We have to fill the days with ‘tasks’ so that everyone can do something for their daily bread.

Back to the farmer’s everyday life. At least for the next few weeks and until the rain season starts.

Give up? Not possible!
Today is Palm Sunday…

Easter is close. Perhaps some local guests dare to leave Nairobi and watch zebras and Elan antelopes near Mwanzo Lodge. After all, we have wild animals right at our door!

A good pre-Easter week for all of you.

Your Heike

P.S.: the rain is approaching – the landscape has dried up! Dust swirls up with every step.
And Africa enchants every morning at sunrise, whispering softly: Hope dies last!

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