Dear customers and friends of Bush Adventure,

In accordance with the guidelines of the Kenyan government, we have taken the following measures to protect both our customers and our employees from COVID-19 as best as we can:

  1. Face Masks – There are enough face masks for you and our safari customers. Every car has enough masks in stock (1 mask free of charge, each additional one at a price of 100 KES per mask). However, customers can wear their own face masks if they wish.
    All customers and drivers must wear face masks.
  2. Hand Sanitizer – Every car comes with free hand sanitizer and customers and drivers should sanitize their hands every time they return to the vehicle. However, customers can use their own disinfectant if they wish.
  3. Physical distance – Our jeeps/minivans currently carry a maximum of 5 customers to ensure physical distance. For customers booking as a family, we allow a maximum of 7 people per jeep/minivan.
  4. Stopovers– Only necessary stopovers are allowed by our drivers and these stopovers are made in areas which are not overcrowded. Of course, you will be stopping regularly to get some fresh air and a break from wearing the mask (viewpoints, toilet stops, etc.).
  5. Body temperature measurement – Before each trip, all of our customers are subjected to an obligatory measurement of their body temperature using an infrared thermometer. Only those with a temperature below the limit value of the Ministry of Health and the WHO (temperature NOT above 37.5 °C!) are allowed to travel.
    Your driver documents the body temperature of each guest every day and also his own!
    People with high temperatures and other symptoms will undergo a more severe medical examination by medical experts. If there is a suspicion of COVID-19, the management/owners will be reported immediately and appropriate measures will be taken.
  6. Baggage– All our customers’ baggage will be disinfected upon arrival prior to departure.
  7. Disposable Gloves – Every car has disposable gloves that drivers/guides can use if required. There is also a container where the waste and used disposable gloves and masks are collected and properly disposed of.
  8. Drivers– Drivers are required to wear a face mask or face shield to facilitate communication with guests during the safari.
  9. Disinfection of the vehicle – Our vehicles and especially all the handles of the car are disinfected after every journey and especially in the evening after the day to ensure that the vehicle is safe!
  10. Information signs – information on temperature control, wearing masks, hygienic hand washing and maintaining physical distance are posted in the vehicle.
  11. Ventilation– your driver will encourage you to open the windows/roof when the weather permits so that air can be exchanged regularly.