Ngong Forest – beautiful nature trail!

The Ngong Forest in Nairobi – hardly anyone knows it!

Only by chance we came across it, because not far from the Hotel Rudi in Karen we just wanted to walk through nature for an hour.

One hour turned into two with the children.
However, it can be shorter.

A ‘gem’ between Karen and the bypass towards Mombasa Road/Nairobi.
A piece of unspoilt nature on the outskirts.

It felt good – everyone had a lot of fun!

Happy Sunday to you all….

Yours, Heike/Mama Sofia
P.S .: After jogging uphill and downhill for 1.5 hours this morning (got lost!), my legs are ready for the sofa after the walk today!

Nairobi feels good!

By discovering nature, you discover yourself! – Maxime Lagacé

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